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Tourist routes and surrounding area

Lecco (www.lakecomo.it) is a small town with ancient origins. You can find evidence of its history in its museums (www.museilecco.org). Its economy used to be based on industry (iron manufacturers): its inhabitants have always exploited the streams that run down from the mountains above all for metalwork. Lecco is also famous for its “Luoghi manzoniani”, places where Alessandro Manzoni lived and worked. Manzoni (1785-1873), poet and novelist, author of The Betrothed, a historical novel, belonged to an old family of Lecco and spent part of his childhood here (www.lakecomo.it).
Lecco is also great for shopping, walks, enjoyment, music and culture (www.deepspace.it).
Water is the most important feature of the landscape: the lake is beautiful. The River Adda and the canals (it.wikipedia.org) have always been the most important communication routes. Nowadays a part of the River Adda is navigable and tourists can enjoy it (www.visitadda.com). Until the last century you could get from Chiavenna (Samolaco) to Milan by boat. Then they built roads and railways (www.navigazionelaghi.it) .
IThe territory is really wide: in the south the Brianza area, (www.brianza.net) with its lakes and regional parks, (www.parcoaddanord.it) offers endemic flora and archaeological finds (www.parcobarro.lombardia.it). Some places are similar to the hills in Tuscany (www.parcocurone.it) you can also see the villas where some rich people from Milan used to spend their holidays (www.villeaperte.info).
Moreover you have the opportunity to buy pieces of furniture and design accessories.
Moving southwards you can find Monza, (www.monzanet.it). with its Formula 1 Grand Prix, and Milan, where you can find whatever you are looking for (www.provincia.milano.it).
You can visit the lake by taxi boat, (www.taxiboatlecco.com) public boat, (www.navigazionelaghi.it) or walking along the sentiero del viandante (www.turismo.provincia.lecco.it) from this path you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake. You can visit exclusive places like Bellagio (www.bellagiolakecomo.com) or Varenna (www.varennaitaly.com).
In Mandello del Lario they build the famous Motoguzzi motorbikes (www.guzzitalia.com) that can be rented (www.guzzirent.it - www.agostinimandello.com - www.guzziclubmandello.it).
You can also visit the Motoguzzi museum (www.motoguzzi.it).
Being by the lake means you can rent a sailing boat with or without a skipper (www.sailingdays.it) or you can attend sailing classes (www.orzaminore.it). You can go kite surfing (www.windsurf-colico.com) but you can also relax and sunbathe on a beach thanks to the project “safe lake” carried out by the Province You can find well-organized lidos, where you can relax and enjoy yourself (www.fantasylario.it).
In the tourist areas you can also find spa (www.monticellospa.it) sand wellness centres. Only 15 minutes drive from the B&B you can relax by the water while enjoying the view of Mount Resegone (www.wetlife.net)
(Tickets rent off in bed and breakfast).
Cycling is also a good way to enjoy the area: you can ride a bike along the cycleway from Varese to Lecco (www.cicloviadeilaghi.it) or, if you are more sporty, you can enjoy a day out on mountain bike trails (www.turismo.provincia.lecco.it). Everybody can ride their bikes down the old and beautiful towpath which runs along the River Adda from Lecco to Milan. Further north you can ride your bike along the towpath of the River Adda from Colico towards Valtellina (www.dervio.org) You can also decide to spend your whole holiday cycling!
The mountains surrounding Lecco are famous all over the world for trekking, (www.turismo.provincia.lecco.it) walking (www.passolento.it) and climbing, alone or with experienced guides (www.casadelleguide.it). You can also go skiing (www.pianidibobbio.com) or enjoy alpine skiing. You can also find golf courses in Lecco (www.golfclublecco.it) and in Lombardy (www.golflombardia.it). It is also possible to go horse riding. If you have kids, they can enjoy tarzaning (www.parcoavventuraresinelli.it) at Piani Resinelli or at Pian delle Betulle (www.jungleraiderpark.com), or at ai Piani Erna or fly on the mounts (www.flyemotion.com).
You can start walking tours directly from the B&B Alla Bonacina. You can visit the oldest parts of the different districts of Lecco; you can go up the mountain using the cable car (www.pianierna.com), and enjoy an amazing view of Lecco. If you like, you can follow the Alpine guides who open their mountain huts everyday and welcome the hikers (www.analecco.it). You can also walk by the stream Caldone, which characterises the “Valle dei merli” where the B&B is located, or among the olive groves of the farm.
You can go paragliding, (www.cornizzolo.com), or hang-gliding (www.yumping.it) come anche l’idrovolante per voli panoramici; (www.aeroclubcomo.com) seaplanes will fly you over the territory to enjoy a panoramic view (www.elitellina.com).
If you prefers a quieter holiday you can look at the sky directly from a comfortable armchair!
About food and drinks... they are really important in our life! From our B&B you can reach different restaurants in a few minutes. The “Porticciolo” is a one-Michelin star restaurant (www.porticciolo84.it) here you can eat exclusively salt-water fish. The old part of the Acquate district offers several restaurants: “Taverna ai Poggi”, which serves also pizza (www.ristorantetavernaipoggi.it). Trattoria Canto “Giovannella”, full of people, above all at midday. The wonderful “Casa di Lucia”, (www.osteriacasadilucia.it) located in a fifteenth-century building. If you love natural products, you must visit the several holiday farms , the country markets, and the several farms.


Bike hire

  • Bar al Vecchio lavatoio - Via Alzaia, 13 (presso la centrale elettrica Taccani) - Tel. 02-90939892

  • Camping Riviera - Via Foppaola, 113 - Garlate (LC) - Tel. 0341-286063

  • Crossing Bike Lecco (www.crossingbike.it)

  • Tutto Sport di Cornara Francesca - Via Belvedere, 6 - Lecco - Tel. 02-90939892 (www.impresaitalia.info)

  • Accumotor Domenico - Via Azzeccagarbugli, 2 - Lecco - Tel. 02-494092 (www.impresaitalia.info)

  • Fun Surf Center - Via Montecchio Nord - Colico (LC) Tel. 0341-941826 - Cell. 338-8148719
    Fax 0341-933884 (www.funsurfcenter.com)

  • Mondo Bici S.A.S Vendita Assistenza Biciclette - (Bike sales and service) Via Roma, 47 - Pescate (LC) -
    Tel. 0341-368182

  • Sala Lorenzo Cicli Corsa e Sport - Via Giacinto Longoni - Via per Dolzago, 53 - Oggiono (LC) - Tel. 0341-260433

  • The Bike Di Redaelli e Frigerio (S.N.C.) - Biciclette - Assistenza Abbigliamento - (Bikes, service, bikewear)
    Via Promessi Sposi, 16/A - Valmadrera (LC) - Tel. 0341-201266

Yacht and boat hire


  • APT - Tourism Promotion Agency in Lecco

    Via N.Sauro, 6 - Lecco - Tel. 0341-362360 fax 0341-286231

  • APT - Tourism Promotion Agency in Como (www.lakecomo.it)

    Piazza Cavour, 17 - Como - Tel. 031-3300111 - 031-269712 - fax 031-240111



Museums and the romanesque period

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